Custom Design 100% Silk Satin Scarf

A scarf is a great accessory to add to your already fabulous you. The perfect life is a silk scarf tied to your neck or your bag or your wrist.

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The advantages of wearing 100%mulberry silk scarf

mulberry silk will make your breath easy. Since its own structure has numerous microspores and share 87% similarity with people’s skin, it is the top one among all fibers in absorbing-water and ventilation property. When you wear it around your neck, even in sweaty summer, you will feel the neck clean and comfortable, while in cold weather, also breathable.

Product Info.

Size: 90cm*90cm/110cm*110cm or according to customer request

Fabric:silk satin/silk twill


Package: One piece in a PP bag

Payment: Paypal/TT/LC

Type: Custom design

Product Overview:
Pictures on this page are for reference only. We mainly provide make-to-order service.

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