Jacquard Luxurious Soft Touching Flange Silk Pillow and Pillowcases

Jacquard Luxurious Soft Touching Flange Silk Pillow and Pillowcases

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Cutomized Silk Pillowcase 

Product Description

  • Usage: Bedding, Neck, Travel, Decorative, Hotel, Massage

  • Filling: 100% Polyester

  • Shape: Rectangle

  • Age Group: Adults

  • Size: 48*74cm,50*75cm,50*80cm,60*60cm,60*90cm

  • Specification: Kinds for choice

  • Style: Printing

  • Body Part: Head

  • Material: 100% Silk

  • Feature: Anti-Static

Jacquard Luxurious Soft Touching Flange Silk Pillow And Pillowcases
Fabric: 100% silk
Carft: Inseam,flange
Size: Kinds for choice, or as customized

Southeast  AsiaPillowcase48x74cm48x74cm48x74cm48x74cm
South AmericaPillowcase50x75cm50x75cm50x75cm50x100cm
North AmericaPillowcases20x30"20x30"20x34"20x40"
United KingdomPillowcase48 x 76cm
Square Pillowcase65 x 65cm

We are available to make for custom design printing for you. Offering High Quality Silk Pillowcase 

Silk is natural finest fiber that has been synonymous with excellence, opulence, durability and mystery.
Once only available to nobility, silk is highly treasured and appreciated for its smooth feel and gentle warmth. It has long been recognized as a symbol of good taste and well being and helps provide the basis for one of the most amazing silk bedspreads you will ever experience. 
It helps blood circulation and metabolism in sleep. 
It can increase the cell vitality of the human skin. 
It can delay the skin aging process, nourish the skin as well. 

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