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A Brief Introduction to Two Kinds of Most Commonly Used Silk Fabric
- Sep 27, 2018 -

                                                                     The twill silk

The twill silk is one sort of silk fabrics that are most commonly produced in China, and is characterized by a striped texture that is sturdy and durable. The twill silk touches not as smooth and soft as the crepe satin plain (silk satin), but it presents a stronger cubic effect to man with a strong resistance to run. The nature of this fabric renders it easy to fold various shapes and patterns, completely eclipsing crepe satin plain in this point which is weak in modeling but excels in smoothness and softness.


Crepe satin plain ( the silk satin)

The crepe satin plain ( the silk satin) is a traditional silk fabric that has gained popularity since ancient China and it was this very fabric and others that were transported to the western world through the Silk Road, thus it holds a very important position in silk fabric no matter it was in the old times or in the future. The crepe satin plain touches smooth and soft with closely knitted texture while its satin surface glitters a bright natural luster that is much alike that of pearl, which renders the fabric very noble in appearance.