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Bow Tie Play
- Sep 22, 2017 -

1, bow ends slightly longer than the other end, short end of the end of the other end of the arc at the beginning of the beginning, the long end on your right.

2, the long end of the pressure on the other end of the above, this position must be adjusted, it is the vertex position of your bow tie.

3, turn the long end to the short end of the end, and then dug out from the middle, playing a knot.

4, pick up the short end of the bow tie, fold it twice into a "S" shape.

5, will be long that section of the bow down, pressure just folded good "S" shape.

6, tighten the just "S" shape, put them together, and then cover the long end of a short side of the top.

7, fold the long end, it will be inserted into the collar and just fold the short end of the back of the gap.

8, gently pull both ends to tighten the butterfly bow tie, and adjust the location, to maintain symmetrical at both ends.