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Brushed fabric
- May 02, 2018 -

A high-grade combed cotton, after the dyeing and finishing, and then through the superb grinding process, unique style. For the current textile industry, a new flower. It is soft, comfortable, rich texture, strong sense of drape, easy care, new appearance of rich suede to attract consumers, especially when it is close to the body, a warm, soft and comfortable feeling, the color looks like new, Due to the unique process, the brushed products will not fade, pilling and other qualities, much better than the average cotton fabric, and the weight is much heavier than the average cotton material.

Features: Thick and soft to let you put it down; printing and dyeing methods using active printing and dyeing, bright colors, will not fade from the ball; the latest Hong Kong over the pattern, the absolute time; extra large landing sheets, make your room more beautiful

Washing method: soaking, washing machine below 30 degrees water temperature Weak washing, neutral detergent, can not be bleached, can not dry clean, medium temperature ironing.