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Digital printing before printing
- Sep 22, 2017 -

(1) the determination of digital printing jet shrinkage

The greater the elasticity of the fabric, the tension will be a certain degree of elongation, due to the material in the sizing process by a certain tension, so the sizing temporarily after the existence of a certain shrinkage. In order to obtain the stable size of digital printing products, the print pattern must be scaled in the computer, the specific shrinkage can be determined according to the actual process test results.

(2) to determine the correct "RIP" and "color management"

RIP is the digital printing data into rasterized images and outlets, so that digital printing printer can be printed on the media, it is a descriptive language or vector images in the form of jet printing data.

The goal of "color management" is to ensure that the same print image is made for the same scanned image, and the printout on two different substrates is the same, without the need to manually adjust the color.

Before the start of digital printing inkjet, set the appropriate "RIP" and "color management" and determine the shrinkage of textiles, is the need to do two steps.