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Distinguish color
- Sep 25, 2017 -

1. Before making the plate color separation must be carefully done before the audit work. We must conscientiously understand the requirements of the "specification book", see all the instructions and all kinds of notes to understand and then do, to grasp the overall style and spirit of the pattern, if in doubt, must be made in time.

2. To seriously distinguish between a large sample, back bit, color and so on. The above mentioned several color samples in the printing production, sometimes only with a color sample (proofing) that sometimes with several color samples that should be noted before the distinction. Back to the sample only for the size of the flower size and pattern pattern based on the arrangement; color pattern for the color of the location and distribution of the basis; and large sample for the flower type, is the plate, printing production based on the flower. Printing effects are generally subject to prevail (except for special requirements). A large sample of paper, cloth, cut and other samples. The general return position, the effect, color position in the audit single on the alternate clear, plate color separation to refer to the check.

3. To pay attention to sum up and improve the different patterns in the plate color separation of single-sided basis of the collection. Printing paste on the surface of the fabric is often spread with the printing paste performance, the characteristics of the printed fabric, the printing equipment and the printing business and other factors. In order to ensure the quality of plate-making color separation, enterprises must always encounter the pattern of thin lines (3mm below), block surface, color, etc. to sum up and improve its monochrome unilateral data, to develop a different pattern of the provisions And implement it.

4. In the separation operation to keep in mind the different mesh, variety and printing process specified by the thinnest line, the minimum point, the minimum stay, the minimum black and white ratio. Line is too small, the point is too small, stay too small, black and white than the standard system produced by the screen in the printing process, can not get satisfactory results.

5. In the same position color real color is generally not more than three colors. Excessive stacking, in the printing process is likely to cause the surface of the fabric to the pulp, the amount of pulp increased, and will dilute the color and so on the printing production will produce printing flaws, production is not smooth.

6. For different characteristics of the pattern, different printing process should pay attention to the accumulation of precision printing to reach the experience and methods, and easy to produce printing problems should take measures. Such as the sharp corners of the pentagon and the polygonal star, the tip of the filament of the filament, and the key points in the pattern, such as the eye of the animal pattern, etc. How to deal with; the general composition of the two colors and above the contours of the practice; anti-printing paste and the color of the treatment; gold and silver powder, white paint color description of the practice; imitation of the fabric type prone to moire problem prevention ; Moire, hair claws, sand and other transitional patterns to do the measures, and to guide the separation system for production needs.

7. Keep all the information together with the proofing. After the pattern is done, the process of removing the label, instructions, etc. must be restored as early as the relevant departments.