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Fiber Dyeing
- May 07, 2018 -

When the fiber is immersed in a dye aqueous solution at a certain temperature, the dye moves from the aqueous phase to the fiber, and the amount of dye in the water gradually decreases. After a certain period of time, the equilibrium state is reached. The reduced dye in water is the dye that moves to the fiber. Remove the fiber at any time, even if twisted, the dye still remains in the fiber, and can not simply completely remove the dye from the fiber, the phenomenon of this dye in the fiber is called dyeing. If the sponge is immersed in the dye solution, the dye solution can also enter the interior of the sponge, but even if the time is long, the concentration of the dye solution does not change. When the sponge is taken out and twisted, the dye and water are simultaneously extruded from the sponge, so the sponge is Not stained.

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