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Hand Kerchief
- May 28, 2018 -

The square thin fabric made of all cotton single yarn has the characteristics of softness, slippery and moisture absorption, and has no obvious deformation after washing. There are two types of printed handkerchiefs and color handkerchiefs. The printed handkerchief is woven into grey cloth with natural cotton yarn. It is made by bleaching, printing, cutting and sewing. The patterns include geometric figures, stripes, flowers, animals, landscapes, figures, etc. Yarn dyed handkerchiefs are made of dyed yarns, which are made by blanching, finishing, cutting and sewing. Most of them are based on plain weave, combined with satin and jacquard weaves, woven into Satin stripes (jacquard), jacquard, floating embroidery, gauze and so on. They are divided into male palms, female pads and Tong PAAS according to their objects. Their specifications and colors vary. Hand painting, machine embroidery, printing and embroidery combined with cut flowers are applied to handkerchiefs to improve their sense of Arts and crafts.