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Hangzhou the Silk City of China
- Mar 27, 2018 -

Hangzhou Silk has a long history, light and soft texture, colorful colors, a wide variety of varieties, there are more than a dozen varieties of silk, satin, silk, enamel, etc., the most famous brands are the Great Wall, Xi Debao, Wan Si Li, Kedi, Da Si Huang Wait.

Today, Hangzhou produces 14 types of silk, satin, cotton, spinning, silk, silk, and silk, more than 200 varieties, and more than 2,000 colors. The picture is novel, rich and luxurious, the flowers are structured, and the characters are vivid. The product has won the National Excellent or Provincial Quality Product Award and has been exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world.

Hangzhou Silk was the debuting capital of Jinsheng. Dujinsheng Silk Factory was established in 1922. It was once the largest exporter of silk handicrafts in China. It mainly produces landscape paintings, table blankets, cushions, curtains and brocade cloths. The products are magnificent and graceful. Hua Gui is hailed as an "flower of oriental art" by international friends.

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Hangzhou Silk has a long history, soft texture and beautiful colors. As early as the Han Dynasty, it has been exported to foreign countries through the Silk Road. Modern has developed into silk, satin, silk, Luo, Jin, spinning, velvet, silk, and other more than a dozen varieties. Recommended Shop: No. 253, Xinhua Road, China Silk City. Tips: Hangzhou has a wide variety of silks. The most famous brands include Wansli, Du Jinsheng, Xi Debao, Sihuang and Kaidiya. The total price of silk fabrics is about 2-10 times that of chemical fiber and artificial silk satin.

With the continuous development of Hangzhou’s social economy, the concept of “development of leisure, culture, and entrepreneurship” in Hangzhou has also forced new concepts and requirements for the development of Hangzhou silk and women's apparel. It is necessary to see the achievements of Hangzhou silk women’s clothing development. To clearly feel the lack of development of Hangzhou silk women's clothing. Hangzhou silk women's development should achieve four changes:

1, from a single garment graphic design three-dimensional design changes. The designer is just the design of the clothing in the plane sense. To this end, the Western design concept should be introduced. Learning the Western design concept is to integrate the design elements of design brand, design and sales, design image, and design window display into the concept of the creative industry. . The Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government organized the training of top ten designers from China and Hangzhou to France and Italy. It is an initiative to achieve transformation.

2. The change from quantity to quality. Enhancing the quality of silk women's clothing is the key to creating a brand, and in addition to technical factors, the quality of silk must be tested and guaranteed. Therefore, it is urgent to establish a national-level silk clothing testing center to guarantee the quality of Hangzhou silk dresses.