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How to care for chiffon accessories
- May 03, 2018 -

• Do not hang the beaded dresses in the closet for long periods of time, otherwise the soft slack chiffon will sag.

·. Be careful not to touch water. If the water is partially wet, simply soak and wash, and finally stretch the ironing to avoid shrinking.

· Do not drip dry naturally after washing.

· Thick chiffon is best placed flat in the closet, so it is not easily deformed.

· The chiffon dress that passes through once should not be placed in a plastic pocket. It is better to place it in the pocket of the fabric. The ventilation will not be contaminated with dust.

Sleeveless chiffon dress hangs from a hanger. It is best to use cloth hangers or wrap two ends of a hanger in a small towel. The sleeves will not be deformed.

· Spray perfume should pay attention to long distances. So as not to leave the macula.

· If there is wine or grease on the party, there are two tips.

◆ Method one: First use a paper towel to absorb it, then find the flour or flour, dry the surface of the water, and then gently blow the powder, the stain is naturally sucked away.

◆ Method Two: It is more effective to wipe away stains with soda.