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How to choose a suitable silk tie
- Mar 21, 2018 -

A man who knows how to modify himself can not only reflect his unique aesthetic pursuit in the choice of tie, but also can influence the perception of his identity, status, credit and ability. Today's editor has made a few step-by-step summary of how to pick a men's tie. Let's take a look!

Step 1: The width of the tie

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The type of tie is very simple, roughly broad and narrow version, do not underestimate the difference between narrow and wide version. Different people, different shirts, the version you want to match is also different, if you match the wrong, then your tie may give your entire image greatly reduced. At present, the standard neckband width refers to the widest end of the tie, typically 4 inches to 4.5 inches (about 10.16 centimeters to 11.43 centimeters).

    What kind of person is suitable for a narrow version of a tie?

    Narrow-necked ties are a very popular trend in recent years, but most Asians are not suitable for narrow-tie ties. Only those people with long, svelte faces and under 15.5 feet in size are suitable for narrow necktie ties. They are typical examples of “all professors” who are popular with other aliens around the world, or Justin Bieber, a young musician in the music industry. Their image is very suitable for the narrow version of the tie, because the entire look is the refreshing appearance of the literary youth, and the muscular man with a wide shoulder or a well trained gym biceps is not very suitable for the narrow version of the tie, you can imagine The brawny security personnel hung a thin tie on the chest and looked like a girl!

    Of course, attending the most important formal occasions and for those mature gentlemen should still choose more traditional styles.

Step 2: The length of the tie

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There are many types and lengths of ties. Better ties tend to be longer. Adults usually use ties that are usually about 130 cm to 150 cm long. The length of the tie is determined by the height and method of wearing a tie: After the tie is made, the outside should be slightly longer than the inside, its standard length. Should be the tip of the tie just touch the belt buckle, so that when the outer wear suit jacket buttoned on the tie, the lower end of the tie will not be exposed under the clothes and socks. For this reason, it is not advisable to use a tie that is difficult to adjust for length in a formal setting.

     Tips: If you wear high waist pants or vest vest, your tie should be shortened accordingly.