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How to clean the cashmere scarf?
- Jun 04, 2018 -

Washing of cashmere:

1. Soak in cold water for about 5 minutes before washing (jacquard or multicolor cashmere products should not be soaked), and press gently with both hands in the water while soaking. The purpose of soaking and squeezing is to get the dirt attached to the inside of the cashmere out of the fiber and into the water.

2, after soaking hands gently squeeze in addition to water, add about 35 ℃ in neutral detergent soak while gently squeeze the wash with hands, never with hot, soapy water, can't rub, cannot use containing high alkaline detergent to wash, can appear otherwise fulling rolling and making felts and deformation.

3. Use shampoo when washing cashmere at home. Because cashmere fiber is protein fiber, fear alkaline big detergent, and shampoo is mostly "gentle" type of neutral washing liquid.

4, washing after cashmere products need to be "acid" (the washed cashmere products on containing the right amount of glacial acetic acid solution soak), in order to neutralize residual soap lye in cashmere, improve gloss, fabric of wool fiber protection, and if there is no in the program of "acid" glacial acetic acid also can be substituted for edible vinegar, but still need to once again after acid water.