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How to maintain Cashmere Shawls
- Mar 12, 2018 -

I: wear attention

1, when wearing the matching coat can not be too rough and hard, such as jeans, wool and linen products, chemical fiber products, etc.;

2, to minimize friction with hard objects and strong hard hook;

3, avoid vigorously pull, so as not to take off, open the hole, play ball;

4, to prevent contact with corrosive substances;

5, often dust. Dust off with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner once a week. At noon, the weather is bright and dry for one hour to keep it dry, once a week;

6. The wearing time should not be too long, pay attention to the interval of about ten days, so that it can restore elasticity, so as to avoid fiber fatigue;

II: Washing method

1, put the cashmere scarf into the warm water basin. The water has never been a cashmere scarf;

2, Pour a little (normal amount of shampoo) our daily shampoo;

3, Knead the shampoo, tap on the cashmere scarf several times;

4, Wash the shampoo on the cashmere scarf with clean water; wrap it in a towel and dry it in a washing machine;

5, take out the paving can be, it is best to shop to bed, because this time cashmere scarves are almost all dry;

III: Deal with small stains

Coffee or tea: Wipe off with a towel and wring dry. If you add companion milk, wipe with a small amount of detergent. If you have been stuck for a long time, wipe it with vinegar.

Ice cream : Use a small brush to brush off the dry part, then use a brush to dip the lotion (be careful not to brush the hair ball), and finally wipe the towel and wring dry lightly.

Milk: Wipe gently with a cloth moistened with hot water, and wipe the remaining oil with a lotion. If it cannot be wiped off, try alcohol. When the dirt is cleaned, send it to dry cleaners for dry cleaning.

Ink: After wiping with tissue paper, wipe the paper with vinegar repeatedly, or use oxalic acid.

Lipstick, foundation: First gently wipe off with tissue paper and wipe with lotion. Because lipstick will rub more and more, so people should be carefully wiped from outside to inside.

Juice: When it is freshly stained, wipe it with warm water. If it still has stains left, wipe it with lotion.

Wine, perfume: In order to prevent proliferation, first sprinkle some salt on it, and then use a soft brush to brush off, and finally wipe with a rag or water, lotion or alcohol.

Blood: After wiping with paper and then rubbing with hydrogen peroxide, blood stains that have been left for too long can also be wiped off.

Moldy, mud: After drying, brush it with a brush and suck it with a vacuum cleaner tip. Finally, remove it completely with alcohol and lotion.

IV: How to deal with pilling

After the pilling phenomenon occurs in clothing or scarves, do not pull it by hand. The correct method is to use a pair of puff balls after washing.