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how to tie a tie
- Mar 08, 2018 -

Single knot: 
Tie knot of the classical form. This is the most commonly used method. It's easy to tie and dissolve. It is ideal for most ties and almost all shirt collars. Finally, in order to play a single knot, need to pay attention to: - tie knot needs to be harmonious with the shirt collar. It should not be too tight or tied loosely to the shirt collar - the widest part of the tie (that is, before the "widest point") should be at the waistband


Double single knots are similar to single knots: They differ in that the former has two knots, ie two loops. This kind of tie is suitable for short men, it is suitable for Italian collars and finer ties and is easy to do.


Windsor knot knot: 
The Windsor knot that causes the tide is a kind of very British style beautiful tie knot method. It is bulky and therefore suitable for fitting on very open collars (such as Italian collars) and very fine ties. This knot is very symmetrical to be successful. The operation is a bit complicated.