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How to wash silk dress
- Dec 26, 2017 -

As we all know, silk has always been an exclusive aristocracy in ancient times, spread to Europe through the Silk Road, silk fabrics, and even more precious than gold. Today, the old Wang Xie Tang Qian Yan, fly into the homes of ordinary people. Although the silk has been popular, but the share of the noble atmosphere of the impregnation for thousands of years still. Silk arrives particularly popular in the summer, not only because the silk is cool and smooth, but also because silk is synonymous with luxury, but how to clean it will not affect its natural luster.


2. When washing at 30 degrees below the hand wash, and turn the clothes over and over, if you can use a few drops of balsamic vinegar to soak the so washed out of the silk clothes soft and smooth; washing should not use alkaline detergent and Soap washing, washing should be selected ventilated place to dry, to avoid damage to the feel and color of silk clothes; the best to use silky lotion to deal with, the major detergent brands have such products. Neutral detergent (such as silky hair Net, shower gel) Wash, not soak.


3. Silk is prone to "and silk", "hair" "silk" phenomenon. The best hand wash, hand wash should be gently rubbed, after the sweat silk clothes to be washed immediately; after washing should choose ventilation dry, to avoid damage to the feel and color of silk clothes; drying Please avoid direct sunlight, intense The sun is easy to make silk faded hair old. Shade dry, can not be exposed, prohibit drying. Drying to semi-dry again when flat, you can remove the ironing process.


4: Some varieties should not be cleaned, such as soft satin, brocade satin, antique satin, aroma silk, gold crepe de chine, gold velvet, etc .; suitable for dry cleaning, dark silk fade characteristics, please pay attention to separate immersion cleaning. Due to silkworm resistance to sunlight, it should be drying out the clothes on the outside, placed in a cool place, dry to 80% of dry iron removed in the temperature to maintain the same luster of clothing, durable, ironing avoid bogey water,


5: silk do not wear, should not be placed mothballs, or easily embrittled; ironing temperature of 100 degrees is appropriate, the best pads lining cloth. Silk summer is best to use cloth hanger to hang; closet insecticide to be put, but do not touch the clothes, it needs regular ventilation out regularly to organize, should pay attention to the clothes hanging in the dark place, so as not to fabric by the direct illumination of the light Yellowing, such as georgette, double-wrinkled fabric clothing, should not be hung for a long time, due to weight will be longer and longer, so that clothing deformation, storage should be lined with cloth, on the top of the bin, so as not to crush!