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Introduction of several kinds of silk fabrics
- Mar 07, 2018 -

Silk Satin

Soft waxy feel, shiny, compared to other more brilliant silk, but after washing several times the gloss will be darker. And positive and negative is not the same:


Silk CDC

Micro-convex and wave-shaped scaly crepe, soft luster, soft, comfortable to wear, anti-wrinkle performance is good. Better crepe de chine, convexity some obvious, and texture visible, light and slightly through. Suitable for shirts, skirts, etc., should be one of the most common types of silk. Behind a picture is a heavy crepe, the character is much better than the crepe de chine, often used as a high-level dress.


Silk Georgette:

Like chiffon lines, I mean chemical fiber chiffon. Silk chiffon and georgetown at a glance will be able to tell. Georgette thin and easy to penetrate, feel soft and flexible, with good breathability and drape, slightly convex silk particles, pore structure. In fact, the specifications of Joe crepe or more, mainly to see the thickness of raw silk, silk and the number of combined twist, the number of twist and the density. Therefore, ordinary georgette thickness is different, the common 4.5 m, 12 m m, not to mention the latitude and longitude latitude and longitude lines arranged. Personal preference heavy Joe, impervious, downright, not easy to wrinkle, good care.


Silk Chiffon:

Chiffon is more familiar to the general public due to the recent popularity of clothing. However, most of the chiffon on the market is silk chiffon. Silk chiffon features: thin, soft, good sense of hanging, a touch of luster, the structure is slightly loose, clear hole can be seen.


Silk Habotai:

Silkworm raw silk woven fabrics. Fine texture and fine, shiny and fat. The earliest raw silk as raw material, handmade with wood, later converted to plant silk as raw material, the use of electric loom weaving. Power textile specifications are also more, ranging from 8.36m / m to 16.26m / m. Thin electric spinning can be used as wool cashmere coat silk dress lining, slightly thick can do shirts, dresses and so on. Intertwined electricity spinning, warp mian silk and weft interlacing, would like to explain is that even if the power of this traditional silk fabric is not necessarily 100% mulberry silk, so that burning a thread is useless. Power spinning luster than the crepe satin a little less, but the power of the two sides of the same


Silk Twill

Twill is more common, many big-name scarves like to use this fabric, probably because of low-key fabric shiny, not easy to wrinkle, a little stiff, soft touch and so on. I'm going to give you a headache again. (Smile .jpg) Twill silk belongs to aya class, silk twill and twins. Silk twill silk pure silk silk weaving aya silk fabric, or Sang silk. Soft and smooth texture, soft luster, sub-thin and medium-sized. Both colors are twill.