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Modal fiber
- Apr 28, 2018 -

Modal is a cellulose regenerated fiber of high-moment-modulus viscose fiber developed by the Lenzing company in Austria. The raw material of the fiber is Eucalyptus wood of Europe, which is first made into wood pulp and then passed through special spinning. Processed into fiber. The raw materials of this product are all natural materials, which are harmless to the human body and can be naturally decomposed and harmless to the environment. There is also no pollution in the entire production process of the fiber.

Modal's raw material is shrubs grown in Europe. After being made into a wood pulp, it is made of a special spinning process. It is a kind of cellulose fiber, so it is a kind of pure natural fiber like cotton.

Modal products are now mostly used in the production of underwear because of its excellent softness and good hygroscopicity, but its poor stretch fabric properties. Modal's knitwear is mainly used for making underwear. However, Modal has the characteristics of silvery luster, excellent dyeability and bright color after dyeing, which is enough to make it become a coat. Because of this, Modal has increasingly become a material for outerwear and its decorative cloths. In order to improve the poor rigidity of pure Modal products, Modal can be blended with other fibers and can achieve good results. JM/C (50/50) can make up for this shortcoming. Blended fabrics made from this yarn make cotton fibers more compliant and improve the appearance of the fabric. Modal can also exhibit its weavability during weaving of woven fabrics, and it can also be interwoven with yarns of other fibers to weave a wide variety of fabrics. Modal products have broad prospects for development in modern clothing and apparel.