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Mulberry silk scarf cleaning method
- Mar 28, 2018 -

1 First of all, mulberry silk scarves do not have to worry about the problem of shrinking, so it can certainly be washed, but it must not be machine-washed. Do not wash with hot water above 30 degrees, and do not shuffle with other clothing. Don't rub or twist it when you wash it by hand. Instead, use a foaming or gentle rubbing method. Be very gentle and take care not to soak for a long time. This is the key to how to wash the silk scarf.

2 Secondly, mulberry silk scarves are not suitable for washing with detergent and soap. This will make the scarves yellow and harden. When washing, use acidic detergent or light alkaline detergent, you can use silk special detergent, such as silk wool net, etc., you can also use mild neutral detergent, if you do not have, you can consider Good shampoo, shower gel to clean. This has an important effect on how to wash the mulberry silk scarves.

3 Again, mulberry silk scarves can not be directly squeezed to dry the water, to a large amount of water pressed by hand. Mulberry silk scarves can not be directly exposed to the sun, but to dry, so that it will not fade.

4 Finally, when it is not in use, it is best to put on a paper bag. When stored, mulberry silkworms are likely to be preserved with natural insect-proof spices. Moreover, mulberry silk is most afraid of sharp objects, so try not to rub against rough objects.

5 In addition, silk scarf is easy to wrinkle and need to be ironed from time to time. When ironing, be sure to use the low temperature of the iron. Excessive temperatures can damage the fiber of the mulberry silk. Should be ironed at eighty percent dry, and should not be directly sprayed, and iron the back of the scarf, the temperature is controlled between 100-180 degrees.