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Polyester Fabric
- May 22, 2018 -

Polyester: China calls polyester. In 1940, the British J. Winfield and J. Dixon used terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol as raw materials, successfully developed in the laboratory, and was officially produced in 1941. Polyester stretchability, resilience and chemical stability are all very good. Polyester fabrics have the advantages of stiff and easy to wash and dry. The lightfastness of polyester is better than that of nylon, it is resistant to microbes and mildew, and it is resistant to insects, but its hygroscopicity is inferior to that of nylon and it is difficult to dye. Polyester is melt-spun and its spinning speed is below 1,300 m/min. Later, there was a type of high-speed spun polyester filament yarn with a spinning speed of 3,500 m/min or more. Not only did the output increase, but because of the orientation of the macromolecules in the fiber, the structure was relatively stable, and the fiber was easy to transport and store.

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