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shuttle loom
- May 15, 2018 -

A "weaving machine" that introduces shuttles into the shed with a shuttle as a weft feeder. Shuttle weaving loom vibration, noise, machine material loss, is not conducive to the shortcomings of high yield, therefore, the general shuttle looms are gradually being eliminated.

For safety production, there is usually a shuttle loom divided into right and left handcarts. The switch handle is called the right hand car on the right side of the machine, and vice versa, it is called the left hand car.

When the weft yarn in the shuttle is used up, it can automatically complete the weft filling action to ensure that the machine continues to operate as an “automatic loom”, otherwise it is called an “ordinary loom”. Looms with at least one side of the loom larger than one are called multiple shuttle loom.

The versatility of the shuttle loom is relatively poor, and fabrics of different fibers are processed with cotton loom, wool loom, silk loom, and hemp loom, respectively. In order to adapt to the particularity of the processed fabrics, there are towel loom, leno weaving machine, plush loom, hose looms, sack looms, metal mesh looms and so on.

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