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Silk and Polyester Tie Tape cleaning and maintenance methods
- Sep 22, 2017 -

1, silk (silk) tie cleaning and maintenance methods

Silk tie must be dry cleaning, can not be soaked in water, and can not be exposed. After the tie down to hang in the cupboard, keep the ventilation to prevent being squeezed, ironing with low temperature.

2, Polyester tie cleaning and maintenance methods

Polyester tie can be placed in a neutral detergent washed, hanging can be dry, of course, or do not exposure, so as not to take the collar shape. Cleaning the water temperature of the tie to keep below 30 ℃, soaking time not more than 30 minutes, do not wring dry. Remember to iron only on the back of ironing.

If only a small stain, you can first take the paper towel on the dirty place, first dirty and dry, try not to expand the area of pollution. And if the long-term tie, remember to iron before saving again, keep the tie dry, insecticide sterilization.