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Silk Scarf
- May 23, 2018 -

In heaven and earth, it seems as if they are close by. Between silk and silk, the size of the square, random winding, soft call, the unity of heaven and human. Elizabeth Taylor once said: "The woman who does not wear scarves is the most unprepared woman." Audrey Hepburn said: "When I wore scarves, I never really felt like I was a Woman, beautiful woman.” So when she stood on the high steps of the Roman cathedral and put a small silk handkerchief on the neck, the 10,000 sunbeams were dancing for her and the whole world became spring. . When the scarves are fixed and defined, when the scarves become fashionable, and when the scarves are no longer scarves, we can be certain that this will be the highest state of the scarves. It is beautiful because of change, because it is beautiful and eternal.

Scarves are as thin as flaps, shaped like a cloud, dancing on the neck, like a dancer with a foot, spinning, jumping, making people indulge...

You can put your hair on a fluffy scarf, and wear a t-shirt, a denim skirt, and other light and comfortable clothes. There is a girl-like temperament next door. This is the most American-style scarf binding method, Hilton companies especially paris hilton particularly fond of the current Korean defense in Japan is also quite popular, not only stylish but also fixed hair, suitable for dreamy sweet girls play outside the fashion play. However, the headscarf is not suitable for a square face or a large round face, and the head may appear larger because the scarf is wrapped around the head.