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Silk scarf identification method
- Mar 22, 2018 -

  First, hand touch : After the silk scarves are flatly shared, they feel smooth and soft with hands. If they are gripped, folds will appear. Of course, the higher the density, the better the silk material feels.

  Second, water Kam: Take a corner of his silk scarf, pour a little water on it, if it is a silk material scarf, immediately soaked in water, and tightly attached to the skin;

  Third, burning : Pull out a little silk yarn scarves, smell the smell of burning hair, burnt silk into black particles, with a pinch that is broken, and in the burning process can not see the open fire is a silk scarf.

silk scarf pringting.jpg

A[Real]:The lower the burning point of silk, the less visible open flames, 

            the smell of burning hair, the difficulty of continuing to burn, and it will automatically extinguish.

A[Fake]: The material of the simulation silk burns in the fire, burning rapidly, there is a plastic taste, burning faster.

B[Real]: After the silk burns, the ash is black small particles that can be crushed by hand; the ash is brittle, brittle and fluffy.

B[Fake]: The embers of the simulation silk are blocky and difficult to squash. They are pinched and hard to pinch.

             There are obvious differences between the two.