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Silk scarves washing and maintenance tips
- Mar 05, 2018 -

    Little knowledge about scarves

    Like a scarf, because the scarf is small, but played the role had to admire, can play a finishing touch role, take a look at some little knowledge about scarves.

    Department of scarves

    Wrapping type method

    Will be folded around the long scarf around the neck, fold the scarf after two ends of the loop through the other one, while pulling or putting on both ends of the scarf to tighten or relax the scarf.

    Triangle collar system

    Fold the scarf and fold one of the four corners in the opposite direction to the opposite direction so that the two diagonals form a certain angle and the fold line is at a horizontal position as shown in the figure. Then surround the scarf around the neck, grab two ends and hit a knot on one side of the shoulder. The knotted knot can be placed on either side of the body, chest or back.

    Bow system

    In the middle of a long silk scarf to play an Easter, the scarf around the chest, live in front of the scarf around the neck back to the front, then the two from the living knot through, tighten both ends.

    Scarves maintenance

    ● tag processing

    Before cutting the label, please note that the recording material, washing instructions and other information, and then use the scissors along the edge of the label will be cut off, and then carefully cut the label yarn, thus preventing damage to the scarf.

    ● washing method

    Silk scarves suggest dry cleaning, such as self-cleaning application of neutral detergent hand wash, dry low temperature ironing scarf reverse.

    ● maintenance and collection

    Do not store the scarves in damp, unventilated or direct sunlight places, so as to avoid scarlet stains and discoloration. Avoid collecting desiccant, cosmetics, perfumes and other chemical agents directly on the scarf. If you accidentally stained, should be promptly cleaned, or easily lead to scarves turn yellow / black. When the collection can be folded flat scarf placed in the drawer, can also be hung on a smooth hanger.

    ● eliminate the scarf tassel knot method

    1 Before the fringed shawl and scarf are stored, comb the tassel first, but do not pull it with force. Can be combed with a thick comb comb fringed tassel, then steam iron steam to straighten it.

    2 wrap the tassels with paper, to prevent deformation of aliasing. After combing tassels, folded to the inside, with a breathable thin tissue carefully wrap the scarf, both to prevent knot, but also mildew.

    Scarf storage method

    1 Use hanging clothes hanger, the scarf folded into the state can be immediately used to hang, and fixed with a clip, access is very convenient. Can also be hung on the hanger scarves, and fixed with clothespins. With thick paper clip between the clip and scarf, the clothespin will not leave traces on the scarf.

    2 can choose a small storage box made of cardboard, the width of 30cm or so, will be folded into the original 1/4 size scarf and then folded after the collection.

    3 the scarf folded into the original 1/4 size, into the folder with more than one inner. Storage, as long as the folder on the flat, it will not produce wrinkles, and at a glance.