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The advantages of digital printing
- Sep 25, 2017 -

Traditional printing patterns are often limited by the length of flowers, and digital printing process can not exist in the process of flowers, which greatly expanded the textile design space, enhance the product quality. Digital printing production really achieved a small batch, rapid response to the production process, the production batch without any restrictions. As the digital printing production process to achieve all of the computerized digital production, so that greatly enhance the production flexibility, and some products can even achieve the same day delivery, stand and so desirable. In addition, due to the application of computer technology, printing the same pattern of different tones of the series of patterns, as well as in the production process designers on the pattern of color changes continue to become a digital printing production is different from the traditional printing production of a major technical advantage. High-precision printing process makes the printing process without water without color paste.

The principle of digital printing technology makes its products to break the traditional production of color and flower back to the length of the restrictions, you can make the textile fabric to achieve high-grade printing printing effect. As the digital printing technology can use digital patterns, through the computer for color measurement, color, printing, so that the color of digital printing products can theoretically reached 16.7 million, breaking the traditional textile printing pattern of color restrictions, especially in the color Gradient, moire and other high-precision pattern of printing, digital printing technology is even more unparalleled advantages.