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The color of the scarf is bright
- Sep 25, 2017 -

Printed scarves of the bright color, white whiteness and printing semi-finished products pre-processing, whitening processing, imitation color, printing paste modulation and management, printing production operations and printing throughout the operation of the process are closely related.

Printed scarves bright color and white whiteness and printing semi-finished products are closely related to the quality of good or bad. Rinse semi-finished products not only affect the printing of the permeability, uniformity, and will give the fabric to the color, color bright, white whiteness has a serious impact.

To this end, to improve the color of printed fabrics and whiteness whiteness, the first is to do a good job of printing fabric rinse semi-finished products.

Pure cotton printing semi-finished products as an example requires singeing net, should reach 3-4; desizing to the net, desizing rate should be high; scouring through, bleach to white, whiteness to 80% or more, mercerized before Hair diameter 10cm / 30min; mercerization alkalinity 240-280g / L, barium value of 135 or more, to strictly control the mercerization after the alkali, full pickling, cloth pH to maintain 7-8. Another example is polyester / cotton is made of polyester and cotton two different properties of the fiber blended.

Reasonably speaking, polyester fiber synthetic pretreatment requirements than cotton fiber is low, but the fabric production process used in the polyester are 4-5 kinds of mixed use, the difference between the larger whiteness;

Cotton fibers are required to remove natural and man-made magazines by pre-treatment. In the cotton fabric production process, the cotton is mixed with a variety of grades.

The whiteness of the fabric is low and not uniform. Therefore, the fabric of the pre-treatment must be strengthened, some people on the polyester / cotton pre-treatment process done a comparative test, the use of sub-bleaching process, oxygen-oxygen bleaching process and alkali-oxygen bleaching process and alkali bleaching process can get the basis of whiteness Of the 85% -87%, especially in the sub-bleaching process is the highest, but the process is not clean process areas, so now has not been used.

At present, more processes are oxygen-oxygen bleaching process, alkali-oxygen bleaching process and other processes to obtain a better whiteness value.