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The difference between mulberry silk and real silk
- May 31, 2018 -

Silk is a continuous long fiber that is secreted from secreted silk liquid when silkworms are cooked, also known as "natural silk." Like wool, it is one of the earliest animal fibers used by humans. According to the different foods, it is divided into silkworm, tussah, cassava silkworm, tussah, silkworm and silkworm. The strands drawn from a single silkworm cocoon are called cocoon filaments, which consist of two monofilaments that are adhesively coated with sericin. The silkworms of several silkworm cocoons are extracted, and the silk wraps formed by the cohesion of silk are used. The silkworms (also known as raw silk) and the tussah silk cocoon are collectively referred to as silk.

Mulberry silk is a natural animal protein fiber and is the main raw material for silk weaving. It is smooth, soft, shiny, and has the feeling of warm in winter and cool in summer. It has unique "silk" phenomenon when rubbed, has good extensibility, good heat resistance, is not salt water erosive, and should not be bleached with chlorine. Agent or detergent treatment.

The common types of silk fabrics are generally classified into two categories according to the craft: double quilting, heavy quilting, Qiaoqi, Shuangqiao, Zhong Qiao, Sang Bo Satin, Su 绉 satin, elastin 绉 satin, warp knitting, etc. Due to the different processing techniques, the price will vary greatly. Under normal circumstances, double-twisted fabrics are shaped at high temperatures, the structure of the fabric is stable, the wrinkle resistance is good, the printing and dyeing saturation is high, and the color is bright; the advantage of the double-twisted fabrics is that the fabric has good drape and the wrinkle resistance is stronger; The advantage is that it is light and elegant. Sangbo satin is a regular fabric in silk fabrics. It has a clear satin texture and an antique look. The bright, elegant and satin fabric is smooth and elegant. The fabric shrinkage is relatively large, and the gloss is reduced after launching. Elastin and satin new fabrics, in addition to mulberry silk components, but also added 5% to 10% of spandex, is an interwoven fabric, which is characterized by good elasticity, shrinkage is relatively small; and warp knit fabric feel soft, Knitting new special fabrics, high technology content, is a high-end boutique, of course, the price will be much higher