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The history of HeadScarf
- May 24, 2018 -

1. The head of the fabric. 2. Indicate the Confucianism worn by the scholar in the clear.

The headscarf was a simple and simple invention invented by the ancient working people when they were doing farm work in the fields in order to minimize the heat of the hot sun. Later, it has been widely circulated and has become an easy-to-use, affordable accessory. Of course, it is only to resist the sunlight. In ancient times, it was just a special product for farmers.

Until now, headscarves have been discovered by some fashionistas. And to transform it into many popular fashions. One of the best is a seamless headscarf. Because there are more than ten different types of trees, different effects can be achieved. They can be used as headbands, scarves, headbands, sand covers, fetters, caps, wristbands... Become one of the most popular outdoor headwear equipment. A small piece of cloth, after magic, has a variety of effects that cater to young people's creative personality. Because it is simple, it is wonderful. Because of its fashion and practicality, Puyi is widely welcomed by young people.