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The identification of cashmere scarves
- Jun 04, 2018 -

Feel is visual

Hand visual measurement is the most direct and easy way for consumers to distinguish the quality of cashmere scarves. Visual inspection is mainly to see whether the woolen sweater is smooth woven, whether the surface is even and gentle, whether the workmanship is meticulous; Handle is through modeling, kneading, and action to identify cashmere scarves surface bright and clean, soft, plump, elastic, etc., such as wool yarn unevenness of hard inelastic, coarsely, touch panel, matt surface, can doubt the truth of its quality.

Fine distinction

After the authenticity of cashmere scarves is preliminarily confirmed according to the label and whether they are needed by themselves, the conformity of the label content should be checked to further identify the quality of the scarves. For example, whether the actual size is consistent with the label, whether the fiber composition is consistent with the label, etc. It is quite difficult for ordinary consumers to identify fiber components, but as long as they master basic methods, they can avoid obvious discrepancies. First of all, a little fiber can be burned, if there is the smell of burning hair and ash crisp can be crushed, it can be identified as animal hair; As for what kind of hair, and logo are consistent, can consult the introduced the characteristics of all kinds of sweaters to discern, if think the problem is not confirm, only to the professional inspection institutions for identification. Special attention should be paid to several kinds of situation, often shoddy one is blended woollen, second is fine wool or flake wool cashmere, three is filled polyamide mohair, four is to scales, coarse alpaca filling and so on.