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The preparation of the slurry
- Sep 22, 2017 -

Digital printing pre-treatment of slurry modulation is a very important part of the printing link. Digital printing pre-treatment slurry modulation and the traditional printing of the original paste similar to the standard, usually weighing a good urea, alkali and other soluble substances added to the water after mixing, completely dissolved, and then stir the edge of the solid powder slowly down Into the solution, constantly stirring to fully dissolved, no group of particles exist, placed enough time (slurry of the curing process) better.

Picking must pay attention to: (1) to ensure that urea, alkali agents and other soluble substances completely dissolved in water, or easy to cause uneven mixing. (2) the slurry can not contain impurities, or sizing impurities will adhere to the fabric surface, affecting the printing dye ink on the printing, the formation of printing flaws. (3) to adjust the appropriate amount of pulp, adjust the slurry should not be put for a long time, the general amount of pulp for the fabric quality plus slurry loss.

In the slurry to add high-definition digital printing agent, not only make the textile image outline more clear, more beautiful color, to the high color, feel good, and can improve the design resolution, pulp cloth is not hard, Easy to print digital.