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The width of the tie
- Sep 22, 2017 -

1, with the collar of the collar to do reference

The tie and suit the width of the collar comparison, if the suit is wide, then not suitable for narrow long tie, in turn, the collar of the suit with large and wide tie the same strange. So here to choose the suit with the collar almost the same tie, the measurement method is the widest size of the tie (usually below) and the suit the widest place close.

2, with their own stature to do reference

People are tall and thin, tie naturally have their own size. Under normal circumstances, the wide body of people suitable for wide tie, and slim men for narrow narrow tie, this is in accordance with our visual knowledge to determine. Of course, there are exceptions, but also to remind the more fat people wearing a thin tie good-looking, this is generally required to set the proportion of suits and other factors, so the skills will be relatively high.

3, with the occasion to do the reference

Generally everyone's subconscious, wide collar gives a sense of solemn, thin tie makes people feel more fashion is not suitable for formal occasions. Modern this distinction has been very little, fashion modeling is not necessarily solemn, of course, in a very serious occasion do not seem too exaggerated.

The above three points are the answer to the question of tie width selection when we choose tie. Through three different reference to make a choice, through the layers of competition, naturally able to find their own tie.