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Tie ironing method
- Sep 22, 2017 -

1, regardless of your tie is silk or other material Ye Hao, should not use high-temperature ironing, or tie will become very flat, the loss of the tie's own natural drape, which is why not recommend you to dry and use The reason for ironing.

2, ironing the tie remember to cover the surface of the first layer of cotton cloth, to avoid the iron and tie the surface of the direct contact.

3, the tie shape cardboard into the tie lining, with iron gently ironing, to prevent the tie side of the iron too dead.

4, ironing process to use low temperature, ironing speed to be fast, to prevent the phenomenon of some parts of the yellowing.

5, if the tie with a slight wrinkle, it can be tightly rolled in a clean bottle, every day wrinkles disappeared.

The above method for their own home dry ironing ironing tie, the operation must be careful, especially when the ironing tie more careful.