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Variety of silk categories
- Dec 14, 2017 -

Variety of silk


Today I will introduce some common silk categories


Variety of silk, probably divided into 14 categories forty-three categories. Silk unit silk fabric has a very magical unit, Mimi, English shorthand is MM. Who do not know silk fabric, if you just see the MM, it will be considered the meaning of mm.

In fact, this is not the case, MM (MM) is not a direct thickness unit, it is only a reflection of the weight of silk fabrics. The conversion between it and grams is 1m = 4.3056g / m2

Silk fabrics common 8 mm, 12 mm, 14mm,16 mm, 18 mm, 30 mm, which means that the greater the number, the heavier the fabric, and the price of silk fabrics is to follow the weight of walking, so m The bigger the meter, the higher the price will be.

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Silk Satin


Silk satin: a silk fabric is a conventional fabric, bright satin very noble, smooth feel, dense tissue; this is the mind of many people in the silk fabric, cheongsam fabric material, as pearl smooth gloss, Bright colors

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This fabric feels good in your hand, so selling satin clothes, the buyer satisfaction is usually very high, this fabric is easy to wrinkle, so after ironing, smooth, in order to perfectly flashed its luster ; Satin is very noble fabric, in fact, some of the design is really very beautiful with this fabric, noble and very big sense. Crepe satin suitable for dresses, scarves, shirts and so on.

Elastic silk satin

Similar to plain silk satin. Compared with the silk satin has a certain flexibility, not easy to wrinkle, good care, make up for the shortcomings of pure silk. Suitable for scarves cheongsam. Elastin crepe satin: Composition of 90% -95% silk, 5% -10% spandex, is an interwoven fabric.

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It is characterized by good elasticity, comfort, shrinkage is relatively small, unique style. This is not 100% silk, adding other ingredients, fabric flexibility, drape quite good. This see how much the proportion of silk ingredients, the greater the proportion of silk, the more the feel of silk, shiny more beautiful.

Silk CDC

Silk Crepe de Chine: silk is used as raw material made of silk, which is characterized by two-way silk presents fine wrinkles, so the title crepe. Is an important variety of silk production and export in China, accounting for 15% and 10% of the total silk production and export volume.

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Due to the characteristics of double crepe, lack of quality, wide use, popular. Suitable for shirts, skirts and so on.

Silk Habotai

Silk habotai is silkworm raw silk woven fabrics, plain weave. Because of the use of wire and silk mill instead of wire and wood weaving machine named. Such as: Hangzhou spinning (produced in Hangzhou). Shaoxing silk(produced in Shaoxing), Lake spinning (produced in Huzhou) and so on. Power textiles close and delicate texture, soft, soft, smooth and comfortable to wear.

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Mainly used for summer shirt, skirt fabric and children's clothing fabrics; moderate for clothing lining; light can be used as a petticoat, headdress and so on. Is a high-grade fabric. Thin electric spinning can be used as wool cashmere coat silk dress lining, slightly thick can do shirts, dresses and so on. .

Heavy Silk crepe

Heavy Crepe De Chine : A combination of many longitude and latitude lines, weft twisting thick silk, style similar to the crepe de chine, but generous than the crepe dens, at least the common 2 double crepe more than 4 times the thickness of silk plus Thick crepe fabric.

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Silk Georgette


Silk Georgette: Georges also called Georgette, georgette, the name comes from French (georgette). It is like chiffon lines, I mean chemical fiber chiffon. Silk chiffon and silk georgette at a glance will be able to tell. Georgette thin and easy to penetrate, feel soft and flexible, with good breathability and drape, slightly convex silk particles, pore structure.

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In fact, the specifications of Joe crepe or more, mainly to see the thickness of raw silk, silk and the number of combined twist, the number of twist and the density. Therefore, the ordinary silk georgette thickness is different, silk georgette can be said that the most commonly used fabric, and silk georgette is characterized by thin and transparent, summer as a skirt, elegant beauty, it is suitable for young girls.

Tips:Different methods of scarves


1: After the front cross, hit two knot, easy and simple to complete.

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2:The use of scarves scarf knot scarf knot on the basis of a circle around just fine

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3:First cross the knotted scarf, and then the scarf left to make a beautiful bow according to the schematic can be friends, pay attention to the final bow tie some of the more effective.

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4:The long silk scarf loosely wrapped in the shoulders, cross play two knot easy to get it, the long scarf can also change the direction of the scarf, you can create three different shapes friends.

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5:Long scarf can also be around his head, when the hair ornaments it, the first cross the scarf around the first two laps in the head, and then knotted in the back of the head position can be.

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6:The preferred line in the bag on the left handle on the map, make a knot in the bag, and then wrapped along the handle of the bag cross-winding, and finally hit a knot to pay attention to knotted head to hide into the scarf , So look better.

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