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what is doupion silk
- Apr 24, 2018 -

The collective name for silk fabrics made with double uterine silk. Due to the natural nodules of the double uterus silk, the surface of the fabric is obviously irregular and has a special style. There are mulberry silk classics, double palace silk weft fabrics, weighing 46-98 g/m2; there are also full double uterine silk fabrics, weighing 102-168 g/m2; as well as silk reeds, double house weft fabrics, The weight is 95-155 g/m2. Suitable for clothing fabrics and decorative silk.

It is a plain silk fabric made of ordinary mulberry silk and double house mulberry silk. Due to the fineness of the weft, the silk ribbons of the double palaces are irregularly distributed with braided bamboo. Therefore, the fabrics are unique in style. According to the condition of dyeing and finishing, it can be divided into two kinds of woven and dyed. In the mature weaving, there are flash color double palace silks and lattice double palace silks that are mutually contrasting in latitude and longitude. The double palace silk surface is rough and uneven, the texture is tight and crisp, and the shade of light is soft. Mainly used as summer linen shirts, skirts and coat fabrics.

Electric spinning: mulberry silk raw silk fabrics, the fabric texture is compact, soft and soft, smooth and comfortable. The heavy ones are mainly used for summer shirts, skirt fabrics and children's clothing fabrics; medium ones can be used as clothing linings; lighter ones can be used as petticoats, headscarves, etc.