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What is Plain Fabric?
- Apr 13, 2018 -

"Su",(素 in chinese) as the name suggests, is not "flower", it means no cosmetic modification. The surface is clean, composed of original tissue plain fabric called a plain fabric. On the basis of the primitive tissue, the tissue points of the same longitude and latitude are added vertically or horizontally, or at a weft point, at an organized point or a weft tissue point, so that the fabric is also called a plain fabric.

The changes of the plain texture include the weight leveling, the weft weight leveling, the Fang Ping, the change leveling and the change of Fang Ping, which still maintain the characteristics of the plain texture; the twill change organization includes the strengthening of the twill, the compound twill, the twill, the broken twill, the sharp twill, the gentle twill, and the shaded twill. The surface of the twill is still characterized by the twill texture; the satin is changed. The organization includes strengthening satin, satin, satin shadow change.