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What is the difference between printing, embroidery, and jacquard?
- Mar 30, 2018 -


Embroidered fabric is a kind of cloth art material, and the material is mostly cotton, lace and so on. Traditional fabrics are produced without any color and need to be dyed. Embroidered fabrics are machine-embroidered patterns that are added to the dyeing process. The embroidery can be embroidered in a wide variety of shapes to create a variety of beautiful patterns that are not easily discolored and have good breathability and hygroscopicity.

Embroidery can be divided into color embroidery and patch embroidery :

1. Color Embroidery: It refers to embroidery techniques with various patterns of color embroidery threads. It has vivid colors and is widely used in apparel bedding products. Caixiu has a rich variety of colors, and produces a variety of color effects through the overlapping, juxtaposition, and staggering of a variety of colored embroidery threads. In particular, the most distinctive features of quilting stitches are the blending of shades of color and the rendering effect of Chinese painting.

2. Appliqué embroidery: also called applique embroidery. The embroidered embroidery in Suzhou embroidery also belongs to this category. The patch is cut according to the requirements of the pattern and attached to the surface of the embroidery. Cotton and other objects can also be placed between the patch and the embroidery surface to make the pattern bulge three-dimensional. After the paste is applied, various kinds of stitches are used to lock the edges, the embroidery method is simple, and the style is unique.

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