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Wool scarf cleaning method
- Apr 11, 2018 -

In everyday life, when we wear wool scarves, we will always pay attention not to get dirty, but sometimes we will lose our footing and stain it. This requires us to solve the problem of how to wash wool scarves. Here we will follow the steps.

  1 First, soak the wool scarf in cold water for about three minutes. The water temperature should preferably be about 35 degrees. Be careful to spread the water over the scarf. Then gently rinse with a flexible wash solution or special detergent for wool. Be careful not to wash. After cleaning, wring out by hand, do not use too much force, and do not use the machine to dry. After dehydration, the wool scarf should be spread out and ventilated.

  2 Secondly, adjust the temperature of the iron to the medium temperature or wool position. Before the ironing, dry the scarf with water evenly and spread it on a soft white cloth. When ironing, the direction of warp weft yarn must be used. Never use a diagonal force to avoid deformation of the scarf. According to the degree of deformation after washing and the thin texture, apply appropriate pressure.

  3 In addition, due to the loose structure of the wool scarf, care should be taken when washing and using it to avoid nails and sharp objects. If only one yarn is pulled out, it can be leveled along the warp and weft directions or with a fine needle.

  4 When storing, the wool scarf is best not to be put together with other clothes so as not to be damaged by the zippers and buttons on the clothes. The scarf can be rolled into a tube and placed in a drawer to avoid creases when it is unfolded.

  5 in the problem of how to wash the wool scarf, remember not to wring dry, not hanging drying, jacquard or multi-color wool scarf should not be soaked for a long time, different colors of wool scarf is best not to wash together to avoid staining.