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- May 24, 2018 -

There are three types of cloaks that can be worn on the human body: long cloaks (cloaks), short cloaks, and hooded cloaks. According to use, it can be divided into: 1 cloak used in daily life. It is famous for the Poreiro cloak (small cloak); there are baby cloaks and hooded cloak raincoats (ponchos). 2 The cloak used by religious people includes Christian sacrificial offerings and their crosses, the Buddhist monks' ancestors' attachments, and Taoism's "phi". 4 Cloths for etiquette, cloaks of watch operas, captains of British crowns and capes, and doctors at Cambridge University, etc. There is also a long cape worn by cavalry, a nurse’s cloak (a long cloak of red-lined, deep blue wool), a two-color cloak (Cooper) worn by a matador, and a beach cloak to swim ashore. As well as the "Girwa" of the Yi people of China and the "Neven-sex sheepskin shawl" of the Naxi people.