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Fashion Analysis
- Sep 25, 2017 -

1. brown stitching yellow knitted scarves, retro color more flavor.

2. wave point of the long scarf, free ride down, very elongated body ratio.

3. large tassels scarves, warm and decorative effect, the white T-shirt is very simple and casual, but with a large tassel scarf, immediately make the clothes look fine, coupled with simple jeans, go shopping, really is a good choice.

4. tassels really lining people, big coat and large tassels scarf really coordinated.

5. Striped shirt with black and white scarf with, very coordinated, tight pants and boots with a very visible figure.

6. Zebra scarf really stretched the proportion of the body, knitted shirt with high waist feet pants, very wild.

7. small suit and fashion pants with, very popular, but with a brown scarf, immediately enhance the overall brightness, so that the whole person looks full of spirit.

8. Beige clothes to take a slightly longer black long T, significant level at the same time, but also lengthen the body's visual effects. Micro la jeans, itself will have the proportion of elongated body, with the above mix and match, was the body, but also warm the cold, a plain scarf played a role in the painting dragon.