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Happy Birthday --Yao
- Nov 13, 2018 -


             Happy Birthday to Miss Yao

 Today 9th Nov. is Yao's birthday , we have lunch togther ,and also have a very sweete and cute cake ,Yao share it with us , and she make a wish ,we are enjoying my birthday party,and laughing and playing games.

Now, we are eating sandwiches, cakes and fish, drinking apple juice and orange juice too. On Yao's  birthday cake,there are 1 candles on it. she say she will be always a new born baby and keep fresh for everything and hardworking ,we say: happy birthday to Yao! Hip, Hip, Hurry! Hip, Hip, hurry!    

Oh, what a nice birthday party!


Yao worked for many cilents ,and help them print their designs on the nature fabric , like silk , wool , cashmere ,cotton ,linen , also she make friends with some of her cilents , they love to work with her ,she is a very warmly girl ,if you want to make silk scarf , silk pillows , linen tea towel ,silk garmets , you may find her , she will offer most professional sugguestion for you .