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How To Maintain Silk Eye Mask
- Jun 05, 2018 -

First, washing methods:

1, silk eye mask is different from other ordinary eye masks, to be washed alone, not long-term infiltration bubble;

2, when the washing water temperature must be controlled, not too hot or too cold, to ensure that the temperature below 30 degrees can be;

3, can not use washing machine strong wash or dry, to gently soft wash, but also pay attention to avoid using detergent, choose the best detergent when the choice of liquid soap, bath or shampoo can be;

Second, drying method:

1. After being washed, hang it in a ventilated place to dry naturally to avoid direct sunlight and exposure to the sun. Pay attention to the drying racks to be smooth to avoid threading after the silk is entangled;

2. Do not bleach. When it is dry to dry, remove it with a warm iron;

Third, storage method:

1, when the silk eye mask is stored, be careful not to put together with the mothballs to avoid discoloration.

2, do not spray the surface of the eye mask perfume, deodorant and other chemical liquid