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Printed Pure Silk Fabric
- Jun 06, 2018 -

1. Manual platform printing: printed pure silk fabric is spread on the platform, and a small amount of adhesive material is applied on the surface of the platform in advance, so that the silk fabric is evenly attached to the platform. The printer then moved the net frame by hand continuously along the whole plate, printing one net frame at a time until the fabric was finished. Each frame corresponds to a printing pattern. Such printing method is slow, but the effect is very good, the permeability is strong, but the price is high.

2, digital printing, scanning digital photos, images or objects through computer processing of all sorts of digital design input computer, and then after processing by computer color printing system, by the dedicated RIP software through the jet printing system will be a variety of special dyes (our company use acid dye) spray directly onto the silk fabrics, again after post-treatment processing on the real silk fabric to obtain the required printing products of various kinds of high precision. Advantages of digital printing is more, it answer the single speed, proofing cost is greatly reduced, the production batch is not subject to any restrictions, has realized the rapid production of small batch, but he also has shortcomings, permeability is digital printing, printing is better.

3. Tie-dyeing: tie-dyeing USES tools such as needles and thread to fasten the fabric according to your own preference and then dyeing. Since the dye in the fastening place cannot penetrate, various patterns are formed after the stitching is removed. The color is printed where it is needed, but not where it is not needed. The required process is more complex, and the pattern is exactly the same. Tie-dye with the dyeing method to achieve the printing effect, and because the hand-binding method has no reproducibility, so it is impossible to have exactly the same tie-dye jewelry, this is the unique charm of tie-dye. Tie-dye the most favorite is that every meter has its unique characteristics, style.