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- May 09, 2018 -

Rib knitted fabric is made up of a yarn in turn on the front side and the back side, forming a longitudinal knitted fabric.

Rib knitted fabric has the property of weave, curl and extension of plain weave fabric, and also has great elasticity.

Commonly used in T-shirt collar, cuffs, has a good body effect, great elasticity, (larger than the elasticity of raking cotton) is mainly used for casual style clothing.

It is relatively plain, take socks to do it, the most common no cotton socks are plain, the kind of stripes like velvet is the rib.

Ribbed cloth: rib fabric

It is the basic structure of double-sided round machine fabric, which is made up of a longitudinal coil of the front coil and a reverse coil. Common are 1+1 rib (Ping Luowen), 2+2 rib, spandex rib.

Double rib cloth: ordinary double-sided cloth, also called cotton wool cloth, is made up of two cross stitches, which are usually made of cotton wool cloth, needle cotton cloth, spandex wool cloth and so on.