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Scarf And Tie
- Jun 02, 2018 -

The scarf brings many memories of autumn. The woolen thread weave a sentimental attachment to the warm card. The mark of a gens of scarf is temperament unusual grace, no matter silk scarf or long scarf can be done unusually delicate. Twining, therefore tender; Be close to the neck and be charming. In autumn, we can embrace the scarf to our heart's content. In the not cold autumn, in the face of the autumn wind, the scarf is only symbolically resistant, pretending to be wrapped. Some said the people who like the scarf a little narcissism, because wearing a scarf looks more clear, better able to adjust a perfect complexion, foil or makeup look, so only love their own people can wear a scarf. Even if have a cold autumn, also want to put on sleeveless, collarless unlined upper garment, with scarf tie-in qing dynasty is dressed up, this is the popular dress of fashionable person of this autumn. As long as wear the scarf with dazzling color, soft and warm, not only can drive away the cool, but also can write different styles of the scarf expression. Being cool, or being gentle, the magic of a scarf is magical.

Scarf fastening method: fold the scarf of appropriate width from the front to the neck, the two ends of the scarf cross at the back of the neck and then round to the chest. This can make the scarf modelling with common style so, can give a person refreshing feeling in integral collocation effect. This kind of scarf can make the place of neck show a bit fleeciness slightly, when tie-in coat so, want to stand up collar, tie scarf outside, such won't appear bulky.

Scarves can keep the cold winter from getting cold. A long scarf around the neck not only can show static elegance, but also can reflect the gentleness of dynamic flowing water. Wearing a long scarf allows women to express 10,000 kinds of amorous feelings.

Triangular bandage

Triangular bandage

Tie a set of tongue knots

Step 1: wrap it around your neck and place the right end on top.

Step 2: pass the right end through the middle gap

Step 3: pass this section back through the gap, leaving some overlap.

Special note: if the scarf is long, drag the "tongue" a little longer. This kind of play is more suitable for lively and lovely people!

French knot

Step 1: tie the scarf around your neck and tie a knot. Leave some space in the knot

Step 2: pass the scarf on the right side around the left side and through the space

Step 3: pull the scarf out of the gap

Special remind: this kind of knot gives a person heavy feeling, suit tall big boy (girl also ok!

Three asymmetrical knots

Step 1: wrap the scarf around your neck, with the left side on top, and pass the right side through the space along the arrow

Step 2: pull the scarf out of the gap

Special note: this knot feels rebellious and unruly, and if you think it's cool enough, you can try it

Tie a French four equilibrium knot

Wrap the scarf around your neck and cross it back and forth. Wrap the front scarf around the back of your neck

Step 3: pass the scarf around the back through the space along the arrow

How to tie a scarf with a tongue knot

How to tie a scarf with a tongue knot

Tie a French five tie knot

Step 1: wrap the scarf around your neck, the right side on top, and wrap the back scarf around the left side along the arrow

Step 2: after wrapping, pull the scarf out of the gap

Step 3: pull the scarf out of the gap

Special reminder: the dozen method and dozen tie are similar, but the knot that dozen come out can appear to have write bloat, with a thinner silk towel.

Six small bows

Step 1: wrap the scarf around your neck and cross it with an s knot

Step 2: adjust the knot to the front and back, and then tie another knot

Special remind: this knot dozen method is very easy also, the feeling is very big square, unlike big bowknot so feminine change, suit to love beautiful girl very much.

Tie seven bows

Step 1: wrap the scarf around your neck and tie a knot on the left and right sides. The left side is on the top and the right side is on the bottom

Step 2: fold the scarf over the one on the right

Step 3: place the overlapping scarf under the left side and wrap the left side scarf around the other side along the arrow

Step 4: just pull the knot tight

Special note: this type of typing can also be used on silk scarves

Tied with eight light knots

Step 1: wrap the scarf around your neck

Step 2: tie the left and right scarves across

Special reminder: this is the most basic way to play, it is very simple