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Scarf History Development
- Jun 02, 2018 -

Our ancient human ancestors, in the time of chi you, the yellow emperor, the victorious skins were given to those who deserved recognition as rewards. That is to say, the appearance of this product is not only for the physiological needs of warmth, but also a kind of spiritual comfort and encouragement. Of course, at that time, the skins should also be unprocessed, or with blood, very rough.

Bamboo scarf

Bamboo scarf (18 pieces)

The modern scarf is a kind of anti-cold and dustproof textile for neck, shawl and baotou. Take cotton, silk, wool and chemical fiber as raw materials. There are three processing methods: weaving, knitting and hand knitting. According to the shape of the fabric, there are two types: square scarf and long scarf. If the square scarf is cut along the diagonal, it becomes a triangle scarf after sewing. There are varieties of plain color, color grid and printing. In order to make the hand feel soft, the stripe is clear, firm and durable, the woven square towel mostly adopts plain, twill or satin weave. The warp and weft of silk square towel are usually 20 ~ 22 Dan mulberry silk or chemical fiber silk, mainly white weave, the silks are refined, dyed or printed. Light and transparent texture, soft and smooth feel, weight between 10 ~ 70 g/m 2. Suitable for the spring and autumn season of the square towel satin lattice, double crepe tough silk, twill silk and other varieties. The long scarf has two ears at each end, and the ears must be woven, loaded and picked. Has tabby, 匷 twill fabric, honeycomb and heavy fabric, etc. Both the woven and knitted scarves are made of the woolen scarf, which is made of the fabric through the wire-wool machine or the needle-fruit wool machine. The surface is short and dense, and the hands feel thick, which improves the fabric's thermal performance. Wool scarf can also be used to shrink the technology to achieve the full and compact texture of the effect. Most of the warp and weft of silk scarves are made of 20/22 Dan mulberry silk or 120 Dan glazed rayon. Through practice dyeing, printing processing or painting flowers, embroidery and so on, mainly realistic flower patterns, silks, soft luster, smooth feel, colorful flowers and colors.

Social development, the population increasing, people more and more demand for scarves, scarves processing also requires very careful, we are really skins, even wear is also processing road after a lot of formalities, will not feel the kind of bloody beast itself. And the development of human civilization will not allow us to kill many more animals. They are no longer objects of human conquest, but objects of our protection. And the scarf that fashionable personage likes to wear animal grain, also no longer is real fur, had become pure silk, cashmere wait for very soft material. And the animal pattern is just a form, that is, only the pattern of the animal pattern is retained. The style of scarf and dress match to give a person feel very fashionable. What leopard print, zebra print, and snake print scarf.