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Scarf Production
- Sep 25, 2017 -

Scarves are a lot of kinds, sub-silk, imitation silk, chiffon, plain crepe satin, etc., refers to the silk is woven together made of scarf fabric, and then according to customer needs and market purchasing power, to the fabric for further processing , Generally have dyeing, printing, tie dyeing, embroidery, digital, paper printing and other different processing technology.

Scarves fabric is relatively thin, the process requires high, especially printing scarves, permeability is better, and can not let the pattern fuzzy, how to do it? First of all to make scarves fabric processing is in place, surface treatment and silk tissue for processing, so that the fabric soft, eat color effect is good, this is a scarf of the first element. Printing, with particular attention to the clarity of the pattern and the positive and negative penetration, pre-treatment is very important, printing, the thickness of the slurry is very important, the color should be accurate, the proportion of osmotic paste to appropriate, magnetic control must be appropriate, To uniform speed, so many directions of the control and attention to detail, only to a beautiful, stylish, beautiful flowers, bright colors, feel supple scarf can be produced, of course, high temperature steaming time, temperature, steam room air The cleanliness, washed water quality, temperature, plus the proportion of detergent, will affect the quality of scarves. Finally feel the handle is very important, and can not Pa silk, feel soft! Good printing scarves need a lot of technology and attention, so as to produce high-quality scarves to.