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Scarves Of Various Wai Law
- Sep 25, 2017 -

Small scarf Wai Wai:

The first step: the long scarf folded, around the neck.

The second step: the ends of the scarf from the other end of the scarf piercing gap.

Step 3: Repeat one of the two ends of the scarves you pass through.

The fourth step: finishing the ends of the scarf, simple and effective scarf knot tied up.

Korean double bow tie method:

The first step: the long scarf around the neck, to short ends, one end long, the ratio of 2: 1.

The second step: the long side of the scarf around the neck circle.

The third step: stay with the front of the scarf is a single knot, finishing well.

The fourth step: the scarf to adjust the direction of single knot, simple and stylish Korean double tie tie is good.

Korean shawl method:

The first step: find a favorite of their most beautiful scarf, draped over the shoulder. Note that the side of the scarf to grow some Oh.

The second step: the long side of the scarf, from the front to bypass, to the back. Good simple Korean fashion at the end of a good line. Be careful not to be too tight, loose feeling more fashionable taste.