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- May 15, 2018 -

Seersucker Cotton prints that are blistered. There are a variety of bleached, plain, printed and dyed color strips. Breathable and comfortable, no ironing after washing, suitable for children's wear, blouses, dresses, pajamas, etc. Yarn thicker seersucker can be used as bedspreads, curtains and so on. There are many processing methods. Blistering is the use of fiber in the case of concentrated alkali will expand, shrinking characteristics. The seersucker obtained by directly printing alkali on cotton fabrics is called alkali seepage seepage yarn, also known as traditional seersucker; the anti-dying resin is partially printed on cotton fabrics, and the seersucker produced by full-lying lye is used. The printing and dyeing industry term is resin see-through see-spun yarn.

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