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Silk CDC
- Apr 24, 2018 -

Silk CDC is a kind of silk fabric made from mulberry silk and weaved with plain weave. Thanks to the use of factory wire and electric wire looms instead of soil and wood weaving.

There are many types of electric power spinning. According to different fabric materials, there are silk electric spinning, viscose silk electric spinning and silk viscose silk interweaving electric spinning. According to the weight per square meter of fabric, there are points (40g/m2 or more), medium weight, and light weight (20g/m2 or less). According to different dyeing and finishing processes, there are points of whitening, whitening, dyeing, and printing. Electric spinning products are often named after grounding, such as: Hangfang (produced in Hangzhou). Shaofang spinning Shanghai in Shaoxing), lake spinning (produced in Huzhou) and so on.

The power textile material is compact, soft and soft, with smooth and comfortable wear. The heavy ones are mainly used for summer shirts, skirt fabrics and children's clothing fabrics; medium ones can be used as clothing linings; lighter ones can be used as petticoats, headscarves, etc. Is a high-grade fabric.